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Time Stamps

In its truest sense, a time stamp records when an event happened. I have been thinking about how the Time Stamps of my life have shaped who I am today. There are lots of things that have shaped me, genetics, family dynamics, outside relationships access to opportunities through all of these. And within in all those external and internal factors there are those moments that have been burned into our Psyche.

I find it interesting that I am now 56 (how did that happen?). And so much has happened on this journey. I have been thinking a lot about the next 25 years, and if I am being completely honest, the aging process is not something I am looking forward to. However, with every season of life I have learned to lean into the opportunities. The time stamps that are yet to come are important and while I cannot control the ones that will happen to me, things that I cannot control.

Those are the times stamps that I cannot control. While I can insulate myself from other’s or events, I recognize I must accept some of them and process my response to them. World events and political posturing are outside of my control. 

 I would venture to say that we can all agree that the pictures of Wuhan, BLM rallies, border crisis, or Afghanistan have left indelible marks. Some of you have said goodbye to a loved one when you dropped them off at a hospital wondering if you would see them again and some of you did not get to see them again. It has been a hard and difficult season, and harder for some than others.

 Many of us reading this newsletter, have never lived through a season like these last 18 months. The outcomes of a lot of these external events have worked their way to our local communities and it is at this point where we, our families, our collective efforts can make a difference. The holidays are the time of year that many time stamps will be created in our lives. We can make this holiday better for some local families, which is why we have partnered with so many local food banks. The food banks exist because a community member, recognized a need and did something. We can partner with those on the front lines of serving at the food banks and make this holiday not only better, but also healthier.

Please consider purchasing one of our Holiday Donation boxes and partnering with local hunger relief organizations. Just call or email the office and we can add a Holiday Donation box to your account and deliver it just in time for Thanksgiving.

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