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Any reason to be reminded to give thanks is a good reason and our whole country will have the opportunity to be intentionally thankful. That sentence was a mouthful. đŸ˜Š 

Every Thanksgiving is new and yet the same. Who is at the table changes and the menu can flex, but the reason to gather is to connect with family and friends. I know that our table has gotten smaller since the older 6 children have moved out, gotten married and have move away or are spending time with the other family in their life.  

Sometimes when I sit at our dinner table with only 5 dinner places set, I pause for a moment. I know all too soon there will be only 4 dinner places, then 3, and then it will be just 2, the love of my life and myself. During that pause i look at the other half of the table that is empty. I reflect on those days a decade ago when all our children were still at home and the farm table was filled elbow to elbow.  

It was also during those years that our Thanksgiving and holiday celebrations filled our home. During that season, our parents were younger and travelling to the farm was easier for them. We would have the “Card” tables attached here and there and have quite the full house. And as the kiddos moved out and got married and grandkids got added to the family our home got a little fuller, a little noisier and a lot more active! 

As more of our children have moved out and moved away 🙁 it is not as easy to gather our tribe into one spot. It is also not as easy for our parents to join us. Life is always changing and so is our dinner plans and who will be at the table this year. We had a thanksgiving meal two weeks ago with two of our children and their families, because it was the only day, they were available. This week we will be hosting another 2 sets of our adult children and the grandkids on Thursday, and be connecting with our parents at their homes, too. 

It might be a different year, but we are thankful that we can gather with the family that is available and connect with the others via facetime or messenger and tell them all how much we love them and are thankful for them. 

We wish you the happiest of moments with your family and friends this Thanksgiving. 

Tristan, Joelle, and the box of good crew