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We’ve got you covered. For those of you newer to our service, we plan a box specifically for Thanksgiving called the Holiday box and it is filled with your traditional fixings for all of your side dishes. We aren’t able to provide the turkey though, but everything else is available to make this day a cooking and hosting success. 

And for those of you hosting Thanksgiving early or later, we will make this box available the week before Thanksgiving and the week after. And if you are not hosting this year, don’t be bashful, order one anyway! 😊

Of course, all of our standard menus will be available during the Thanksgiving week, as well. And as always, you can add on to your order just the Thanksgiving items you would like to buy, like one of Wild Crow Apple pies, or order some Granny smith apples to make your own. Look for an email highlighting all of the options soon.

For those of you ordering a Holiday box, let us know if you would like the Holiday box and YOUR REGULAR ORDER or the Holiday box ONLY. We just want to make sure you get the right order.

Lastly, we work with several food banks and provide them with tons of fresh veggies and fruits throughout the year and we have a special opportunity at Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you would like to join us in our cause to feed families facing hunger in our communities, please consider buying a Holiday Donation box and will delivering them to several of our local food banks. With your help we have donated thousands of these Holiday boxes over the last 23 years. 

I absolutely love being a giver and I love being able to make someone’s day a little brighter!  The Holiday donation boxes allow us (your family and ours) to partner with those volunteers who are on the frontline week in and week out. They get to give out and extend care with quality organic fruits and vegetables and those on the receiving end are so grateful.

Thank you for joining us in serving our local communities and thank you for supporting local farms and businesses.

-Tristan for Joelle, Alaina and Box of Good crew.