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The Shift is on! 

This has certainly been one of the most challenging starts to a farm season we have encountered. We intentionally started later this year, apparently it wasn’t late enough. We are starting to see crops emerge and get established. Our initial waterlogged plantings have been weathering the onslaught of colder and wetter than expected weather with grace and are starting to respond, to at least, warmer rain! 

The only critter that is really happy is slugs! Thankfully the slugs have not been a problem for our crops, but Joelle’s flower beds have been their primary target. The slug issue is primarily a perennial plant’s nightmare. In the fields we work up large swaths of land that disrupts their habitat, but flowers and berries where they are in same place for multiple seasons tend to create nooks and crannies for them to hide. But I digress. 

From our inception, we have always been a conduit to healthy farmers for you. We consciously chose to work with our neighboring farms and not to grow everything on our farm. Being vertically integrated has its advantages but also its challenges. We run a modified vertically integrated business, with a farm and our home delivery distribution business, but we are primarily a home delivery company.  

I do scratch my itch to farm by growing lettuce, cucumbers, onions, squash, beets and a few other crops for your family. But our primary focus is on being that conduit of good food from farmers who grow organically and deliver their produce to you. 

Every week we talk with our network of local farmers and our suppliers to build our weekly menus. Our focus is always on locally produced food first and then we branch outside our regions to supplement our offerings. We will never be a 100% locally grown company. Bananas, citrus and mangos are some of our most popular produce items, so we source them from organic farmers to add them to the Box of Good. 

With that said, our product shifts as the seasons shift and for the next few months till October-ish the Box of Good will become more local and our menus will be featuring many vegetables and fruit from our network of local farmers. And yes, while this farm season is off to a painfully (wet) slow start, we are seeing more and more local produce coming onboard, which means the shift to local is on! 

During this season we become not only your source for quality organically grown foods, we become your source for a lot more locally organically grown organic produce.  

Enjoy some of the healthiest and locally grown produce,