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The Revolving Door of Monsanto

It doesn’t appear to matter much who is in control of the White House or Congress when it comes to the USDA Secretary. Back for round 2 is Tom Vislack who served under the Obama administration and is every bit the underling for the Genetically Modified (GMO) or Genetically Engineered (GE) community.  

One would somewhat expect the Republican party to appoint a USDA Secretary that was cozy with the Monsanto’s of the world, but the Democrats claim the environmental higher ground. Too bad it is only political posturing from the left. Talk is talk, but actions speak volumes.  

Essentially, it is business as usual for the Bio Engineered (the new term being used) growing community. In fact, start to pay even more attention to the genetically altering food producers. They are and will be rebranding themselves with cute and friendly imaging to lure and hide their products. 

Sadly, it will require even more diligence to avoid this unhealthy and unnatural part of our food system.  I am especially grieved for the unsuspecting consumer who expects that all foods available at the grocery or restaurants are safe to eat. After all, our government is looking out for us (eyeroll). Yes, they are edible, but eating a diet filled with GMO corn, soy and canola oils, along with excessive sugars will wreak havoc on the immune systems, waistlines and lead to many of our lifestyle diseases. What we eat is foundational to our health.

If our country needs anything, from the USDA, it is a level playing field and less dependence upon an overly processed food supply. Sadly, President Biden’s choice for the next USDA Secretary will be another Monsanto friendly supporter.

I am thankful that there is an organic food system. We are not interested in GMO’s or GE’s. We don’t mince words, organics are the only way to avoid GMO’s and GE’s. But let me also be clear, you can eat a lot of processed organic foods and suffer from many of the same lifestyle diseases. Eating primarily clean meats and organically grown fruits and vegetables is the foundation to better health. And for the last 24 years, I am happy to report that is what we have delivered to our customers. 

We believe that our bodies are resilient and when fed with nutritious foods it can fuel us, fight off disease and heal itself from a host of lifestyle diseases. We have chosen health and a healthy environment as our core values. 

Thankfully, who oversees the USDA does not affect our ability to serve your family or to buy organically grown foods.