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Start Your Engines

What’s happening might be tied to increasing day length, or how the birds are starting to gather in bigger flocks before they migrate elsewhere. It could be the color of the grass and how it’s starting to grow. It is probably all of the above. But I can hardly wait to get out and work the dirt and get plants in the ground!  I’m especially excited as we have made significant changes to our vegetable rotations, growing processes, added new equipment, all designed to help us grow more vegetables for you this year. 

I have a morning routine during the winters with pretty much every day starting at 5am. I stretch, make coffee, build a fire, read the Bible, and plan. These are my quiet moments, and they are especially quiet during the winter and a little slower paced. It is my time to prepare for the day, but also to ponder and plan for the upcoming farm season. Our family is busy year-round with the Box of Good, but soon we will be adding farming back into the rotation. My morning routine provides rest and clarity. But, I am also acutely aware that my quiet mornings will soon get scrunched (not eliminated) as the farm season awakens. 

I had an old-timer describe a farmer during the winter months. He said, “Most farmers walk around all winter as if there is a dense fog. And then, out of the blue, they snap to attention, their eyes open, they take a deep breath and the fog clears.” Every year I relive this scenario, just like clockwork! I will be putzing around working on this or that and then, “BAM” I have energy, direction and purpose. The first hint of spring starts coursing through my veins and now I am like a horse chomping at the bit raring to go. 

Don’t get me wrong, farmers do work in the winter, but it’s different. It’s usually lots of fixing, planning, purchasing, preparing…and getting all the paperwork and things done that have been put off all growing season!

Farmers are dreamers and with the first signs of spring that means our visions will start to unfold! We’re honored to have our Box of Good community to share the excitement with and also the fruit of the labor! 

-Tristan & Joelle