Lamb Share Deposit – June 2023


Reserve your lamb share for 2022!

*Note: We do not deliver meat shares.

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Local, All Natural, Grass-fed Lamb

Klesick Farms’ all natural, grass-fed lamb is raised by our friends, Ken and Kathryn, at Horse Drawn Produce on Lopez Island. We are really excited to be able to offer this quality, locally-raised product. Ken and Kathryn are excellent farmers, but even more important to us is their sincere commitment to sustainable, healthy farming—it is their way of life, not their job.

Program Schedule

  • February– We start accepting orders. Reserve your lamb by paying the deposit. Lamb is only available as a whole share, so smaller portions will not be available. In May, we will email you information on contacting the meat shop to discuss with them how you would like your share cut and wrapped.
  • June – The lamb is processed and prepared for you to pick up at Klesick’s packing facility. Once we know the final hanging weight of your share, we will contact you to notify you of any remaining balance due to Klesick.

Cost Breakdown

  • Klesick costs – Klesick charges $9.00/lb. for lamb, based on the hanging weight (the weight of your lamb before it is cut and wrapped). This amount is broken up into two payments to Klesick: 1) the deposit of $300 to reserve your lamb and 2) any remaining balance due, which we calculate once we know the final hanging weight of your lamb. Since the average hanging weight of a lamb is around 65 lbs., an estimate of what you might owe Klesick is $9.00/lb. x 65 lbs. = $585.00 This total, minus your $325 deposit, would leave you with a remaining balance due to Klesick of $260.00
  • In the end – What you will bring home is approximately 55% of the hanging weight of your share. 55% of 65 lbs. equals 35.75 lbs. of actual cut and wrapped lamb.