Beef Share Deposit


Reserve your beef share for summer or fall 2023!

*Note: We do not deliver meat shares.

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Local Grass-fed Beef

If you are interested in providing you and your household with a healthy alternative to conventional feedlot beef, then Klesick’s grass-fed beef program is for you. The cattle have no added hormones, they are free from antibiotics for at least one year, raised and finished on quality grass pasture, and moved often to maintain their health and the health of our pastures. In Washington State, farmers are allowed to custom raise animals for customers. Your cow is being custom raised on a local farm in Skagit Valley. The law states that the owner of the animal can eat their own meat, essentially, the animal needs to be owned by the person who is ordering it to legally eat the meat. So  your animal is custom raised on grass-fed pastures and that is what you are asking us to do. Locally raised grass-fed and farm-raised meat is a great alternative to the conventional feedlot model. Unlike the grocery store where hamburger comes from a thousand different animals, you are asking us to raise your animal in an environmentally and more humane way. And that is what Klesick’s is offering you and your family a healthier and kinder option for the animals and the environment.

Program Schedule

  • January– We start accepting beef orders. Shares are limited and so orders are on a first-come, first-served basis. Orders are not secured until the deposit is received.
  • June or September – You have a few options for when to pick up your beef: June or October. A month before it is ready, Klesick’s will ask you to contact the meat shop with instructions on how you would like your beef cut and wrapped. The meat shop will contact you when your beef will be ready for pick up at the meat shop (we do not deliver the beef). Klesick’s will also contact you to notify you of the remaining balance due for your share.

Cost Breakdown

  • Klesick costs: You will pay Klesick $5.10/lb. for the hanging weight. Hanging weight refers to the weight of your share before it is cut and wrapped. All of your costs are based on the hanging weight. So, if you buy a ¼ share of beef the average hanging weight is around 175 lbs. Therefore, an estimate of what you might owe Klesick for a ¼ share of beef is $5.10 x 175 lbs. = $892.50. In order to reserve your share of beef you will pay Klesick a deposit of $400 per ¼ share. So, if you order a ½ share of beef your deposit will be $800. Once we know the final hanging weight of your share of beef (in June or October), we will be able to calculate any remaining balance you may owe to Klesick, which you would pay at that time.
  • Meat shop costs– Included in the $5.10/hanging wt. for standard cut and wrap. If you order hamburger patties, smoked meats, jerky or pepperoni you will pay Del Fox meats directly for these costs.
  • Summary – What you will bring home is approximately 65% of the hanging weight of your share. 65% of 175 lbs. equals 113.75 lbs. of actual cut and wrapped beef per ¼ share. With all costs considered, your estimated total cost for a ¼ share of beef (113.75 lbs. of beef) will be $892.50. This is a competitive price for ground beef and an exceptional price for the premium cuts.


*Del fox is our primary meat shop, but we may have to process some orders though a different meat shop depending on order levels*