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One Pot Meals               

                                   Week of January 22n , 2023  

Joelle and I attended a trade show in South Carolina last week. Our oldest son and his wife live only a couple hours from there. I attended the show and talked to other small businesses (one of my happy places) and Joelle explored the trails (her happy place) in and around SC and NC. Micah and Elise picked up Joelle and they hiked all morning and I was able to join them for the afternoon. Then Joelle and I did more hiking and exploring the next day in the Brevard area of NC.  

Transylvania County in NC is definitely the land of waterfalls. We visited Rainbow Falls, Triple Falls, Hooker Falls, Table Top State park, Wild Cat Falls, and Devil’s Kitchen in Caesar Head. Pretty Place outdoor chapel was definitely a highlight and a must see if you are in the area. This was an epic spot to sit and ponder the Creator amidst breathtaking views.  

When traveling it’s fun to try unique and cultural foods. We expected Southern cooking, but Greenville also had quite a broad range of foods we were able to enjoy. I’d say we probably fall into the category of “foodies” and enjoy researching and finding restaurants, farm stands and whole food markets that invest in the local economy and local farms. As fun and delicious as the food was on our getaway, coming home to our kitchen was…well…home.  

After having not been in the kitchen for almost a week, I was eager to get my creative culinary juices flowing. I’d been wanting to try the Curly Green Endive from last week’s box. I went to the shop and I grabbed that, along with some other staples. We cooked not one, but two one pot meals. The first was a Quinoa Sweet Potato casserole and the other a Salmon with Bok Choy and Endive. And while those two were cooking on the stove top we cooked one of our mouthwatering Brown Sugar Pear Pie from Wild Crow Pies. A couple friends joined us and everyone left satisfied and full! There’s nothing like home-cooked tasty, healthy meals! I love being a part of my meals from start to finish.  

It was good to visit our out of state kids and to experience SC and NC, but it’s also good to come home. There’s no place like home or like home cookin’! 

Enjoy this week’s box and cook up something healthy and delicious! 

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