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Assorted Bags     

                                           Week of January 29th, 2023        

Years ago, we added three assorted bags to our offerings. Several folks wanted an extra head of lettuce or carrots or some apples and bananas. But way back in the beginning when online shopping was just getting going the shopping platforms were not as easy to navigate. During these early years we created “curated” mini menus, AKA the Assorted Salad, Assorted Veggie, and the Assorted Fruit bags. Our assorted bags are great additions to supplement your Box of Good. Think of these as similar to “mini” Essential boxes that contain 3-5 types of produce.  

Because many of you love more salad or cooking vegetables or some more in season fruit and are happy with a grab bag approach these were the perfect addition. These assorted bags are easy to order and can add a little extra of a certain type of fruit or vegetable quickly and easily but save time not having to order items individually. It is also a great way to get an extra type of produce (salad, cooking veggies or fruit) without having to order another box. The assorted bags pricing is $7 for the Assorted Salad and Assorted Vegetables and $11 for the Assorted Fruit bag. 

Of course, today you can order one of our Assorted Bags, or you can just easily add any item to your delivery by shopping online at Box of Good. We are happy to hand pack your fresh produce however you prefer to order them – so shop away! 🙂 

If you would like to have some extra produce weekly or every other week and are happy with a grab bag assortment of produce, consider adding an assorted bag with your next delivery.  

Thank you for choosing Box of Good for you and your family. 

  • Tristan, Joelle, and Alaina and the Box of Good Crew