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                                        Week of December 25th, 2022                                                      

   I am definitely looking forward to having less sweet options everywhere I go. We have one more week to navigate and then as if by magic, you can’t find an open parking spot at the local gym. Sadly, give it a week or three and the energy to sustain a lifestyle change will wane and parking spots will be more plentiful. 

I imagine if we could see what our health looks like in 20 years from now, it might be a motivating factor for us to make changes today. But honestly, most of us can look to our parents or grandparents and get a glimpse. So real change is mostly accomplished by finding your tribe today and surrounding yourself with folks who agree that the changes you are making are important. 

Thankfully, today there are a plethora of choices online or in person for coaching or friend groups. There are lots of Facebook groups that can be encouraging and uplifting. Change is possible and changing our future is possible, but…change requires a plan, implementation and mostly, you have to believe change is necessary. 

The holiday season can definitely impact one’s waistline or hips or chin. The bottom line is getting back on a dietary track filled with less processed foods, less sugar, and poor fats, is probably a welcome change and possibly a little overdue. 

I like what Doc Amen says, “Don’t drink your calories”. Cutting back on alcohol or going with half the pumps at the local coffee (sugar) stand would be good lifestyle changes for many of us. Going heavier on the veggies for a few weeks and giving your body a chance to reset from the sugar blitz, that is just finishing, would be a great start to the new year. 

A lot of you are getting one of our Essentials boxes. These boxes are designed to focus on certain categories of fruits and vegetables. And a whole lot of us ARE eating vegetables. In these boxes you have your choice of Fruit only, Veg and Salad, Fruit and Salad, and Fruit and Vegetables. Why do we have a Veg and Salad as separate categories? Well for one reason; the cost of food has greatly increased since 1998 when we started Box of Good, so in an attempt to provide meaningful amounts of food (nutrients) we started the Essential Boxes. The other motivation is that many of you prefer cooking type vegetables (veg) and others prefer salad type vegetables. By offering these two categories separately and combined you have more choices to fit your lifestyle and preferences. 

Many of you are also getting a Fruit and Veg Box (without salad items) one week and then getting a Fruit and Salad Box (without cooking vegetables) the other week. This is really easy to set up from your account. Just choose the Fruit and Salad box for one week and make the frequency every two weeks and then select a Fruit and Veg box for the next week and then choose every two weeks as the frequency. Then you will be on autopilot until vacation time. Of course, you can call us and we can set this up for you as well. 

We are honored to be your partners in health. 

Tristan, Joelle and the Box of Good Crew