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At Last

Our team is finally “farming”! We have been out in the field, greenhouses, and in the barn preparing starts. But to me I think farming really starts with the first time a rototiller gets hooked up and turns the earth. That happened last week.  

The first passes with the rototiller are shallow and designed to incorporate the cover crops and weeds. Once we have the organic matter broken down, we then use a spader. The spader is a European designed tool that mimics double digging and works the soil about 10 inches deep. After that we rototill and begin to shape the beds for planting, then we spread fertilizer, rototill again and then mark the beds for planting. 

This year we have really expanded the vegetable production and are literally planning to grow tons more organically grown vegetables.  

I love this season! It is absolutely crazy, but with the increasing day length and the weather warming it surprises me what we can accomplish!  We have a passion for sourcing and delivering the freshest organic foods, but it feels like an honor to get to actually grow food for your family, too! 

Last week, I asked Stephen if he would take on the greenhouses this season. He just turned 14 and has been working on the farm for about 14 years 😊. I told him it’s a big responsibility, but I know he’s ready. He said he’d take it on. I told him thank you and to take note that if he were to forget to water we could lose weeks of work and thousands of dollars in one afternoon. I smiled at him and headed off to my next project. Later that night, he shared with me that he had never thought about the importance of the greenhouse and how much responsibility it was. Of course, I will still pay attention to the greenhouse, but I’m proud of him. The magnitude of this responsibility was not lost on him and he was still willing to take it on. This season a lot of your vegetables are going to come through those greenhouses. 

It is a privilege to serve your families with organically grown fruits and vegetables from our own Klesick Family Farm. Your Box of Good will become more and more local as our farm and our network of other local farmers begin to harvest the northwest bounty.