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Box of Good

We have been delivering produce for 23 years, 52 weeks a year. I am not sure what sounds more impressive that we have been serving local families since 1998, or for the last 23 years or 276 months or 1200 weeks! But, WOW, it’s fun to look back and reminisce. When Joelle and I started the produce business it was originally called the Organic Produce Shoppe and we sold produce within a whole foods warehouse.  At that time there were very few retail outlets for organic produce, and we loved the idea of making high quality, organic produce more readily available and a year later we started bringing it right to homes! But becoming organic farmers was our long-term dream. It’s difficult in our PNW region to be full time farmers with our short growing season.  

We built a delivery business so we could farm seasonally and have an outlet to sell our harvest and support other local farms and promote and sell organic agriculture year-round! It was with great pride that in 2003 we purchased our current farm where we’ve raised our nine children while raising food crops together! We changed our business name to Klesick Family Farm! We’ve been blessed with the opportunity to work as a family all these years! Our oldest is 30 this year and our youngest just turned 11! As you can imagine a lot has changed over the years!  We have 7 grandchildren and 3 kids still at home!

Within a short amount of time, we started referencing our box as a Box of Good! That tag line caught on quick!  Most importantly, our boxes are filled with the freshest, nutrient-dense, organic fruits and vegetables available! And we are pleased to have added an abundance of grocery and meat items to choose from, as well. 

Providing the highest quality products at fair prices has always been our priority!  The produce that is imperfect or doesn’t meet our highest standards is donated to our local community food banks where healthy food can be distributed freely and nothing goes to waste! That is GOOD!  Beyond great quality with fair pricing, we bring it right to your home, so the burden of sourcing fresh produce is eliminated! We provide recipes and tips and share our farm stories so you can follow along and feel connected to your food source! We have also volunteered and served over the years in our local community in ways that benefit local farmland preservation and environmental impacts, providing long-term food security and sustainability. By supporting organic farming, you are supporting a healthy earth, healthy communities and a healthy you! So much GOOD packed into your BOX! 

As things have grown and changed, much like our family, the evolution and use of the term “Box of Good” has become what best embodies and defines the home delivery part of our business. Klesick Family Farm remains the beautiful place in the Stillaguamish Valley, where we live and are honored to seasonally grow food for the Box of Good.  Because the content of your Box of Good comes from such a variety of certified organic farms throughout the year, we wanted to separate our family farm for clarity’s sake. With all that said, we’ve chosen to rebrand the home delivery portion of our business to Box of Good by Klesick’s. 

As our family begins our 23rd year of delivering organic produce and our 21st year of farming, we are grateful for the opportunity to serve your family and our community and we appreciate how you’ve shared the good over the years!  

From the Box of Good team,

-Tristan and Joelle