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The wildflowers in the Leavenworth, Cashmere and Wenatchee area are out and beautiful, barring any late frosts, and the next few weeks should be gorgeous, as well. Joelle and I have made a habit of spending a few days around Mother’s Day hiking and hunting for the best trails to experience the Balsom Root flowers, in particular, but there are so many more that are peaking at the same time or just a little before or after.  

This trip was a little early to catch them in all their glory, while last year Mother’s Day was perfect. We did see over a dozen different wildflowers in bloom and the telltale signs of more to come. So, if hiking and flower hunting interest you, we hope you can make it over the pass in the next few weeks, the lower elevations should be producing now and the upper elevations soon.  

We’d recommend Ski Hill, Sauer’s Mountain, Nahahum Canyon, Horse Lake trails, and Sage Hills as excellent choices in the Leavenworth-Wenatchee area. Check elevation and distance and look at trail reports from the Washington Trails Association to determine what would be best for you or your family. Being on a trail surrounded by wild flowers is awe inspiring, not to mention the exercise and fresh air you get! The views, the clouds, the colors, all of it is breathtaking (quite literally). 

And last week, one of our teenagers came bounding in the front door and proclaimed, “I love lilacs! The smell on the way to the front porch is amazing!” I love their smell, too, as it conjures up rich memories. Isn’t it funny how the senses “can bring you right back to the kitchen” or in this case the smell of lilacs? My earliest memories of lilacs take me back to 1994 and our little house in Vancouver, WA. I just got my start in the produce business. I was one of those guys putting fruit and vegetables out at a small boutique produce store in NW Portland.  It is where it all began; where I met my first organic farmers and where I sold my first crop – purple lilac blossoms from that little home in Vancouver.  

We have never looked back. That first sale and those first encounters with organic farmers got me hooked. It was pretty special to have my daughter come bursting in after having her senses awakened by the subtle yet distinctive smells of a lilac almost 30 years later. 

While in Leavenworth, and really any town we visit, I also like to wander through bookstores. On this trip I picked up a vegetarian book on “one pot meals”. I was probably drawn to it because it feels like winter lately.  

I have made a few already, and they are quite simple and tasty. It has an English flavor to it. During this season, we need simple recipes, and a 30-minute, one pot nutritious meal is perfect, with leftovers to boot. 

As far as the farm season goes, our attempt to avoid a wet spring hasn’t been so successful. We have gotten enough dry weather to “mud in” a few thousand lettuce and onions transplants. The worst part about mudding in transplants is the weeding that shortly follows. With this wet weather, it has been hard to knock back the weeds and grasses, which means we will be spending a lot of time using our hoes. I guess this season will be “a long row to hoe”. (Well…more than one!) 

Thank you for choosing us to help feed your family, 

Tristan, Joelle and Box of Good crew