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Traditional Irish Dishes   

                     Week of March 12th, 2023        

 It seems that many of the American foods commonly used to celebrate the St. Patrick’s holiday are not actually typical Irish fare! So we’re going to focus on a couple that ARE cherished Irish dishes!  

Colcannon, which is basically mashed potatoes with fried cabbage or kale and fried green onions or leek, is a popular Irish dish historically and to this day. The term colcannon is derived from a Gaelic term which means white-headed cabbage. Potato and cabbage dishes were popular because they were cheap, year-round comfort foods, as well as nutritious, calorie-dense and durable against the elements. Colcannon was often enjoyed alongside ham, bacon or salt pork. Colcannon is rich in flavor from the leeks or onions, and rich in texture from the chopped cabbage or kale. Most recipes include lots of melted butter and cream. Leftovers can be made into patties and fried up for breakfast. When made with kale, it takes on a beautiful green color, so no need to worry about dying it green!  

(Speaking of which, if you’d like to color something green, try combining spinach and water in a frying pan. Heat on low-medium heat, stir until spinach is wilted. Whip in a blender or food processor and then strain through cheesecloth. Use the green water for coloring in your favorite dishes.)   

Irish stew is another popular dish in Ireland, both today and historically. As a matter of fact Irish stew is considered Ireland’s national dish. It took on its popularity in the 1800’s and was a common food for the ordinary and poor people, due to the cheap and filling ingredients. It used cheaper cuts of beef, mutton or lamb. It was slow-cooked to bring out the flavor and also to tender the meat. It usually included root vegetables that were easily stored and readily available, such as potatoes, parsnips, turnips and carrots. What was once a dish of necessity later became a simple comfort food. 

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