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This might be the craziest season as food company and a farm. We are gearing up for the Thanksgiving holiday and please pay attention to your inboxes for information with regards to the holiday menus and delivery dates. 

During the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving we will be planning for your orders. For the last 23 years we have been providing a holiday box with all the traditional fixings and at the same time still offering our regular boxes and add-ons. We are here to help you plan and prepare for your Thanksgiving.

The other change is EVERYONE is going to get their deliveries before Thanksgiving, and it is going to be a little nutty as we cram 5 delivery days into 3. And PLANNING makes it all work. Which is why I mentioned checking your inboxes. We are sending out written and email order sheets and the sooner we get them back the smoother the Thanksgiving Holiday will be. 

We also have a Food Bank Holiday box that we deliver to several area food banks the week before Thanksgiving. If you would like to help us feed the less fortunate this holiday season, you can purchase a box or 10 ? and we will make sure the food gets delivered to the local food banks. Thank you in advance for your giving, it truly embodies what a “box of good” means!

Please get your order forms in early by emailing a picture, going online, calling us, returning it with your next delivery.  


Our 2020 walnut crop is drying in the greenhouse. We don’t have commercial dryers, so we use our greenhouses to dry them. This changes the flavor and texture than store bought walnuts. They taste “walnutty”, but have a softer texture to the bite. I did dry some in our home dehydrator. They tasted great, but I guess after 17 years of slow drying in them in our greenhouses, I prefer them that taste. You can check out the Walnut harvest and drying processes on FB or IG.

As a farmer and produce person, nothing is more rewarding than growing, sourcing and delivering nutritious and flavorful food – I love that!

Bon Appetit,