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That brief rain we had last weekend was welcomed. We could use more, but I am still grateful for what we did get. 

I have to confess, I had resigned myself to warmer weather and no rain till September, so I haven’t been really paying attention to weather. I was thankful for the cooling trend over the last few weeks, though. As I look back on the days leading up to the weekend rain, I do remember thinking to myself, “My neighbors who are seed and hay farming had a sense of urgency about their work.” Now I know why. 😊

Rain can be helpful or not helpful and each of us farmers have different needs for rain than the others. There are times in the harvest season when rain could really help vegetable farmers like us, but seriously impact hay or seed farmers. I have mostly adopted an attitude of making the best of the weather we have, because I have a hard time praying for rain when it may adversely impact my neighbors. 

Last week Joelle captured this beautiful picture on the farm as the sun was rising. It is also on our FB and IG feeds. Follow us on social media and check it out in color and enjoy following along our farm happenings. I purposely parked the 1936 John Deere AR out in the field (when the squash plants were small) for a fun photo op and a reminder of how far farming has come in the last 85 years. 

-Tristan, Joelle, and the Box of Good crew