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Planting and Weeding Time

This past week we planted more lettuces, cucumbers, zucchini, onions and lots of pumpkins and winter squash, and 1000 +/- tomatoes plants in the field and in the greenhouse.  

So to date, we have garlic, onions, radishes, cabbages, broccoli, kohlrabi, beets, beans, peas, cucumbers, winter and summer squash, and tomatoes all planted. And we are on our 2nd plantings of the cabbages and 4th plantings of the lettuces. 

We have brought back the Silver Slicer cucumbers for this season in addition to the classic Marketmore cucumbers we have always grown. The Silver Slicer cucumbers are more white than silver on the outside and have that crunch and juiciness that I love in a cucumber. They also tend towards the smaller size of 6 inches. They will be up and growing shortly and then probably around July 4th available for your Box of Good. 

As far as tomato land, we are planting two slicers, two Romas and an orange cherry tomato. We are growing the classic Early Girl and have added Galahad as a trial this year to the slicer category. Both produce medium size fruit that is juicy and great on a burger or in a salad. For the Romas, we are growing Plum Regal and the Italian favorite San Marzano’s. And lastly, we added Toronjina, an orange cherry to our mix. This year’s tomato planting is 4x what we have planted in the past. I am excited to see how the tomatoes do outside the greenhouse. If it is a sizzling summer, it could be spectacular. Wish us well! 

Now that we are planting more and more vegetables, it is time to kick the weeding into high gear. Labor has been an issue for so many businesses this year and we are no different. Thankfully, we made an investment in a Multivator. It is a tool that has several rototillers, 4 to be exact, attached to a tool bar. We plant everything on the same bed spacing and this has allowed us to weed more efficiently and use the hand and hoe weeding just around the plants and not have to weed the extra space. The challenge is planting straight rows and then driving straight. Because like any machine and especially a rototiller, it will rototill weeds 😊 or plants ☹ in its path. Thankfully, John has a steady hand while driving and our rows have been straight enough!