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Organic, Purity, Nutrition, Soil Heath, Taste, Freshness

Each of these items are a newsletter unto themselves. What do they have in common? Each of them leads to our experience when eating, affecting much more than our taste buds. While a ripe peach or sweet carrot can provide immediate satisfaction, so much more is going on with every bite.

For the last 25 years, we have been focused on delivering food that “moves the needle” on your health and we are certainly not going to change our standards now. Your health is important to us and we aim to make sure our offerings check all of those boxes mentioned in the title.

Because we are growers and also buyers of produce and groceries, we understand freshness and taste and how important those two factors are, but we also understand what goes into growing or raising or producing food that not only tastes amazing and is ultra-fresh, but it is packed with nutrients. 

Nutrition is every bit important and drives much of our growing and purchasing decisions, as is the taste and freshness of your produce. But even going a layer deeper, the purity of our products begins to get to the core of how choosing Box of Good impacts your health. By definition, organic food is free of synthetic pesticides, herbicides and fungicides as well as genetically modified crops, and that is very important for our health.

Organic farming is a system that restores the health of soil and maintains it well into the future. The soil responds so favorably to organic farming practice that it shows up in soil health, and as the diversity of soil bacteria, fungi and earth worms begin to respond to respectful farming practices, the plants grow healthier and more nutritious.

And once this cycle is encouraged year after year and decade over decade, it shows up in nutrition and taste. And because you are a part of the Box of Good community you get all of these benefits. And quite naturally, because we are either harvesting your food or sourcing it at its peak, the freshness ties it all together.

Now I haven’t yet mentioned convenience as a benefit, but getting a weekly delivery, you are literally automating your health, and because we build our boxes around the freshest produce, you are also getting variety with each delivery. . . and eating the rainbow is always a beautiful thing.

Enjoy this week’s bounty,

Tristan, Joelle and Box of Good crew