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New Meal Kits

This past week we introduced a new category of meal kits. We are partnering with Kindred Kitchen to bring ready to make meals to your doorstep. We are starting with 3 and will be adding additional. Currently we are offering a Creamy Pesto Chicken, Sweet and Spicy Salmon with Parmesan Rice, and a Vegetable Rigatoni. Currently we are offering the meal kits for 4 –6 people, with generous portions. I have made them.  The recipes are easy to follow and ingredients are portioned. You can add an Assorted Salad bag, Salad kits, or an assorted Vegetable bag to complement your main dish. We love local partnerships and are excited to grow the Meal Kit category in the upcoming weeks. 

Organic Milk 

And since we are talking about local partnerships; we are getting back into the Milk Delivery business. Starting this week, we will be offering Fresh Breeze Organic milk (Whole, 2%, 1%, Fat-free), half and half and whole cream, plus their chocolate milk. Fresh Breeze is a local organic dairy in Lynden and we are excited about this new offering.  

These two products will have different delivery cut offs than your regular orders. When you place your orders, based on when you order, the meal kits or milk may be automatically pushed out to your next delivery. We are preordering these direct from Kindred Kitchen and Fresh Breeze to maximize freshness. 

Farm Updates 

We have been harvesting our first lettuces, radishes and a splash of pea vines. I recently had pea vines at Nell Thorn’s in La Conner and it was so flavorful. We are going to add those back into the rotation. This week we will be featuring our local lettuces, and the green and purple kohlrabi is really close; probably next week. Look for some fun ideas on how to use kohlrabi in next week’s newsletter.  

Our sugar snap peas are getting closer, too. This year we are experimenting with a bush type pea and a new trellis variety. Pumpkins, squash, cucumbers, beans, cabbage, tomatoes, onions are well established and growing.  

I think the garlic crop will be ready to harvest in early July. I cooked a bulb last week in a curry dish and the cloves haven’t fully developed yet, but it was still mighty tasty.  

Our farm is only one of many local PNW farms we work with during this season and we are really “over the moon” to be able to not only grow food for your family, but also be your local connection to organic goodness.   

If you haven’t tried one of our new meal kits or would like to set up a recurring order for local milk, call our office or login into your account and add them to your Box of Good. 

Have a great week,