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Green Beans Growing

We planted beans a few weeks back when the weather was unseasonably warm. I knew it was early and slightly risky. The reason it was risky is because we usually plant our first planting of beans in mid to late May when it’s predictably warmer and then every few weeks after that. But I could hardly wait with that amazing early stretch of weather to get a few rows planted at least. Okay, it was more than a few rows. The germination was good because the soil temperature was just right. They’re looking like they’d prefer a little warmer weather now, but doing pretty good. 

The funny/ironic thing is and what I did anticipate is that when they emerged it might be colder. And if those beans were able to roll their eyes like a teenager responding to one of my dad jokes, they would have surely said, “Really, you couldn’t have waited 2 more weeks so I wasn’t freezing my butt off when I came out of the ground!” Of course, my response would be to roll my eyes back and sheepishly apologize and then move onto the next crop, which happens to be more lettuce starts.  

Looks like the March 9th and the 27th plantings have stacked up and will be going out at about the same time. We plant on a schedule, but nature can speed things up or slow them down.  With the weather, in this case, the March 27th plantings got the benefit of that warm April weather and caught right up. The opposite can happen just as easily, or the plantings can come just as they are scheduled (NOT USUALLY!).  Lettuce plantings 2 and 3 will be going out together this week and planting #4 will be much later because the weather was cooler for those seedlings.  

A New Grandbaby! 

The newest farmhand was born to Alaina and Jordan on Saturday 4/24. Nolani is a beautiful little girl and joins her big sister, Hadlee, and big brother, Bazil. That brings the total grandkids to 5 roosters and 2 hens, ages 8 and under. When we all gather the energy is reminiscent of when Joelle and I first started this business and our children were little ones, except now all that energy gets to go home at the end of our visit! 😊. 

We are blessed to have had the opportunity to share our life and story with so many of you.  -Tristan