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Free Produce and Photos????

I am so excited about our box of good and the box of good community. It is such a privilege to serve your families. Last week we started hearing from many of you ordering Boxes of Good for families that you personally know and are struggling financially. The stories are touching and the gifts are so generous. Many of you are sending multiple deliveries to those families. I am in awe of your kindness. We still have more Boxes of Good to donate, so don’t be bashful, I want to meet the needs of local families that you know who have a financial hardship. No questions asked, if you want to bless them, we will send an additional box for free. 

Here are the details on the 100 free boxes of produce giveaway

  1. Klesick’s will be offering 100 free boxes to families in need this January. 

Here is where you come in. Do you know people that could benefit from a delivery of fresh organically grown fruits and vegetables? Have you been wondering how you can help ease their burden and provide some encouragement and hope?  We’d like to partner with you.  If you buy one Box of Good for a friend or family in need, we will match that box and bring them a second box the following week for free. We want to partner directly with the Box of Good community and donate healthy nutritious produce to your friends and family that could use some cheering up! (1 donation per family please)

If you would like to participate, log into your Klesick’s account and “add a new address” to set up a delivery for a family in need and select the Box of Good to send to them. Then email or call the office and let us know the family you are blessing, and we will add another matching delivery for free. You can also call or email the office and our team will help you set it up.

The second way we are giving away produce is for photographs (read below for the details). 

  • Klesick’s is looking for photo of your Box of Good. Please tag us @klesicks or @boxofgood on instagram, FB or email them in, we will give you a $5 credit on your account for 3 photos (one credit per family) that we are tagged in. We will also enter your name for a drawing for one of 3 $50 Klesick credits to be applied to your account. By sending or tagging us in your photographs you are allowing us to use them (potentially) in our advertising and social media campaigns in the future. 

We are looking for 3 types of photos.

  • A picture of our delivery van making your delivery.
  • A box on your porch.
  • A box with ingredients on your counter or just opened.

Both, the 100 Box of Good give away and the Box of Good photo contest will run between 1/1 and 1/31. 

Thank you for your help, your support for the Box of Good really impacts in meaningful ways our local community.       

Cheers to a better 2021,