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Christmas and New Year’s

Important Delivery Day Information. 

With both of the holidays landing on Friday this year we will be making all of the deliveries by Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve over the next two weeks. Look for additional updates on social media and in your inbox. 

Here is what will be happening the next 2 weeks: 

  1. Tuesday and Wednesday customers will be getting their deliveries on Monday 12/21 and 12/28. 
  2.  Thursday customers will be getting their deliveries on Tuesday 12/22 and 12/29. 
  3.  Friday customers will be getting their deliveries on Wednesday 12/23 and 12/30. 
  4.  Saturday customers will be getting their deliveries on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.

And in the New Year, we’ll be back to the normal schedule. Then some of us will focus on shedding a few holiday pounds before Valentine’s Day is upon us!  Or maybe some of you just know you feel better, eating healthier.  The holiday calendar can be like a yoyo calendar; celebrate, take a break, celebrate, take a break, and unfortunately most of the celebrating foods are not typically the healthiest.  Although, celebrating once in a while is actually not the problem, rather when junk food and overeating become the typical everyday fare, does it become an issue.  And sadly, that is the typical American way!   

We can choose to be proactive with our holiday eating, if nutrition and self-care is important to us!  Try being purposed and calculating with your holiday treats and then fill your meal with healthy, nutritious foods. Making good choices will impact how you feel after the holidays. For us folks north of the half century mark, losing a little weight isn’t as easy as it once was, and planning to not gain weight could be the right strategy. Also, excess sugar and complex carbs are known to impact our immune system negatively, while fruit and vegetables impact it for the good! Choose wisely and you’ll be glad you did! 

One good strategy to win the eating game during the holidays is to plan how much to eat. Some use the one plate method. This works great if you don’t fill the plate with pie!  Try filling your plate with healthy foods and lots of vegetable sides!  Set out veggie platters and fruit for snacks or appetizers!  Fill your belly first with a green or veggie salad!  Oh, and don’t plan to use Grandma’s turkey platter as a plate! You know the one I am talking about; it has a turkey on the bottom, and it doesn’t fit in any cupboards. Using the turkey platter as your plate, defeats the purpose of a one plate helping! 

We love celebrating with food!  Finding ways to enjoy nutritious, healthy foods in ways that satisfy your sweet tooth or hunger cravings is the best way to celebrate and leaves no regrets!  You’ll feel lighter, more energetic, and good about treating your body well, and that too, is something to celebrate!  Let us help you treat yourself and your loved ones this holiday season with Good Food and let’s do this! 

Watch your inbox for delivery information and add-ons for your holiday celebrations. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,