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Broccoli and Asparagus    

                Week of February 12th, 2023        

The Spring Broccoli coming out of California has been absolutely, hands down, super fresh and tasty. I know after years of farming, some things just get my attention. And the Broccoli has been front and center. Personally I love to boil broccoli. “What did he say ‘boil’ broccoli?” I absolutely said boil. I did not say, “Boil to oblivion!” I like to add a generous amount of salt to the water, so it tastes salty. Then I cut up the stems into 1/4”x1/4” chunks and then add the florets. I will then toss all of the broccoli into the water. If I had an hour or more I would let the broccoli sit and then bring it to a boil. It will take only a few minutes to cook once the water begins to boil, but check with a fork or knife for your desired tenderness. When it is perfect for you, strain and eat. I don’t think you need to add anything but you could season it with butter or some parmesan or whatever your family’s go to seasonings are.  

Asparagus (resharing from last week) 

When I first started in the produce industry it was in NW Portland in 1993. I was a produce clerk, learning the difference between butter lettuce and leaf lettuce or navels and valencias. I remember my first Thanksgiving Holiday asif it was yesterday. In those days, we would work overnight and get the store ready for holiday shoppers. The owner came wandering through at 4am and I was on the other side of the produce rack and I heard him say, “The grass display is a little light”. I set that side of the rack and after he left I asked the manager, “Where is the grass?”  When I walked over I did see the wheat grass that we were selling to pet owners and juicers, but that wasn’t what the owner was referring to. My manager smiled one of those Cheshire cat grins and he pointed to the Asparagus, of course Grass = Asparagus, duly noted.